Sahara: UN Assistant Secretary General Hervé Ladsus to Tour Region  

UN Assistant Secretary General in charge of peacekeeping operations, Hervé Ladsus, is expected to conduct a North Africa tour this October 20 to 25, in an attempt to defuse the crisis ... Continue Reading →

2016 Elections: Sahrawi Voters Lay Bare the Polisario’s Illegitimacy

 The Polisario Front can no longer claim to be the “legitimate representative” of the Sahrawis after it was discredited by the high turnout of voters in the Moroccan southern ... Continue Reading →

Polisario Appalled by Election of Antonio Guterres UN Chief

Former Portuguese Prime Minister and former High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, was formally selected on Thursday by the Security Council (SC) to succeed the South Korean ... Continue Reading →

Polisario: What Lies Behind Lamamra’s Diplomatic Exhilaration

One of the big problems bothering the new leader of the Polisario, Brahim Ghali, is to find ways to end the diplomatic collapse of the Front, whose recent setback came from Jamaica ... Continue Reading →