Western Sahara: Paraguay Withdraws Recognition of the Polisario

Le-Paraguay-reconnaît-plus-PolisarioParaguay announced it had severed all relations with the Polisario just few days after Panama made a similar decision.
The countries that had recognized the separatist front seem to have embarked on a movement correcting the mistake made under Algeria’s pressure.
The new withdrawals of the Polisario recognition are the result of these countries’ growing conviction that the Polisario is a mere pretext fabricated by Algerian officials to be used against Morocco at the heat of the Cold War. Thus, the lack of credibility of the Sahrawi republic that exists only in the whims of the Algerian generals and that is not recognized by either the UN or the Arab League, has eventually convinced these countries that it is a mere trickery.
However, the pace of the Polisario recognition withdrawals has really accelerated after Morocco floated the plan granting the Western Sahara a large autonomy, respectful of cultural, linguistic and regional particularities of the local population.
The conciliatory spirit of this plan has actually prompted the Security Council to describe the proposal as “a serious and credible basis” for a final settlement of the long standing regional conflict.
The conciliatory spirit of the autonomy plan has prompted the UN to call repeatedly for a negotiated political settlement of a conflict that has lasted for almost four decades.
The conciliatory spirit of the autonomy plan has pushed the Obama Administration to declare that the plan was “serious, realistic and credible” and represented a “potential approach that could fulfil the aspirations of the people of the Sahara to manage their own affairs in peace and dignity.”
Finally, it is the conciliatory spirit of the autonomy plan that motivated the European Parliament’s vote of the fisheries agreement between the EU and Morocco, an agreement that extends across Morocco’s territorial waters, including the Western Sahara coasts.


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