Western Sahara: Autonomy and self-determination, two sides of the same coin

maroc-autonomieThe Moroccan autonomy proposal for the Southern provinces actually illustrates the principle of self-determination and at the end of the day autonomy and self-determination are the two sides of the same coin.
This is the conclusion of Moroccan academic Tajeddine El Husseini, who sees in autonomy an enhancement of the southern provinces’ integration to the national territory.
At a conference on the principle of self-determination, held in the Moroccan parliament Upper house on Monday, the international relations expert explained that Morocco has submitted to the UN the autonomy plan for Western Sahara in a bid to reach a  “no winner nor loser” solution to the Sahara conflict.
This proposal has helped transcend the status quo imposed by the Algerian regime’s unfriendly stands to our territorial integrity. Besides, once implemented, such a project will contribute greatly to the preservation of security and stability in North and sub-Saharan Africa and will likewise promote the integration and economic development of the Maghreb, he argues.
This conference was held to expose before MPs objective arguments which they can use while defending the kingdom’s territorial integrity in regional and international forums
Debates also focused on the various resolutions of the UN General Assembly on the principle of self-determination, including resolutions 1514, 1541 and 2625, as well as on international experiences in matters of autonomy.
Academic El Husseini insisted on the need to explain and promote abroad the Moroccan autonomy proposal, whose vision and content, he said, “fall in line with the European local autonomy Charter.”
The lecturer also recalled that the Moroccan autonomy plan is repeatedly and increasingly described as “realistic, credible and serious,” in the statements issued by several countries on various occasions, as was the case with the Joint Communiqué published at the end of the meeting between President Barack Obama and King Mohammed VI, held at the White House last November during the King’s official visit to Washington.


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