Western Sahara : U.S. Financial Assistance to Morocco

maroc-usa-sahara-aideThe United States has provided in the 2014 budget for a new assistance to Morocco destined to finance development projects in the southern provinces of the country.
President Barack Obama signed last Friday the text promulgating the Finance Act for year 2014, which provides for assistance to finance development projects in the southern provinces of Morocco.
Following suit to the U.S. Congress, which had repeatedly expressed bipartisan support for such action, as it did last July through a voice vote, the U.S. executive has reiterated, through this financial assistance to Morocco, a clear cut support to the Morocco-proposed autonomy plan for the Sahara under Moroccan sovereignty. Washington had repeatedly described the plan as “serious, realistic and credible.”
Washington’s new gesture comes shortly after the official visit King Mohammed VI paid to the United States in November 2013. The visit had climaxed with a meeting at the White House between the Moroccan king and President Obama.
In the joint statement issued at the end of their talks, the two leaders had underscored, among others, the need to improve the living conditions of the populations of the Sahara.
The bipartisan support of the Congress and the support of the American administration to the settlement of the Western Sahara conflict on the basis of the Moroccan autonomy proposal will further strengthen Moroccan-US relations, former U.S. Ambassador to Morocco Edward Gabriel told the media.
Morocco had injected billions of dollars in its southern provinces to upgrade infrastructures, construct roads, schools and hospitals, and carry out many other development projects, said the U.S. diplomat explaining that all these investments were primarily meant to improve the living conditions of the population living in this part of the Kingdom and pave the way to the autonomy of the territory.
The Assistance to development projects in the southern provinces, provided for in the 2014 budget of the United States, is destined to ensure the continuity of these provinces progress and development and accelerate their pace, said the former ambassador.


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