Polisario-Run Camps at Risk of Becoming Centres of Radicalisation (British Report)

parlement-britanniqueThe Tindouf camps, where the Polisario and Algeria are keeping under their control tens of thousands of Sahrawis are at risk of becoming centers of radicalization as youths lost hope in the Polisario Front, according to a report by the British parliament.
The situation in “the vast and bleak security camps” in Tindouf in South Western Algeria is raising “growing concern from a security perspective,” says the document that was submitted to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British House of Commons.
The findings confirm the concerns repeatedly expressed by several Western countries about the Western Sahara conflict as a destabilization threat endangering the whole region. Western intelligence agencies take the threat very seriously, given the documented evidence of collusion between the Polisario camps and narco- jihadist networks in the Maghreb and the Sahel.
The British MPs who drafted the report underlined “the toxic effect” of the conflict on regional cooperation in North-West Africa, including on security issues and on relations between Algeria and Morocco. “Relations between Algeria and Morocco are particularly poor,” said the report authors who called on the British Government to explore options for helping to bring the different sides to the conflict together.
This recommendation is not the first of its kind. Many countries have repeatedly called for the settlement of the regional conflict through rapprochement between Morocco and Algeria. The Polisario, which disputes Morocco’s sovereignty over the Western Sahara, actually has no rights and no say. It obeys every beck and call of the Algerian generals, since it cannot survive without Algeria to which it owes everything, including its very creation.
The Polisario Front’s HQ are located in Algeria, its militias are armed and financed by Algeria, and its leaders are funded by Algerian petrodollars and use the logistics of Algerian diplomatic embassies all over the world.
This means that the voices calling for direct negotiations between Morocco and Algeria are fully aware that the key to ending the long lasting conflict is not in the hands of the Polisario but rather in the hands of Algeria.


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