Western Sahara: Washington Still Deems Moroccan Autonomy Plan Credible

congresWashington reaffirmed that it has not changed its position on Western Sahara and that its policy toward the issue has remained consistent for many years, denying thus the claims made by Algeria, the Polisario and other opponents of Morocco’s territorial integrity.
The United States has made it clear that the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco as a solution to this long lasting conflict “is serious, realistic, and credible.” This standpoint has been confirmed twice in less than ten days, a confirmation that flatly rejects all the false propaganda generated from neighboring Algeria and the Tindouf camps.
The joint statement issued at the end of the visit Secretary of State, John Kerry, paid to Morocco on April 3-4 has reaffirmed that “the United States’ policy toward the Western Sahara has remained consistent for many years,” and that for the United States “Morocco’s autonomy plan is serious, realistic, and credible.”
On Wednesday, it was the turn of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Maghreb Affairs, William Roebuck, to reiterate the Obama Administration’s unswerving standpoint on the Western Sahara issue before the US House of Representatives.
“We have made it clear that the plan is serious, credible and realistic,” said the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State during a hearing on U.S. Policy toward Morocco held at the Foreign Affairs subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa.
For the United States, this plan “represents a potential approach that could satisfy the aspirations of the people in the Western Sahara to run their own affairs in peace and dignity,” he told the subcommittee members.
The U.S. policy toward the Western Sahara has remained unchanged for many years, William Roebuck said, adding that the United States supports the work carried out by the United Nations and the UN Secretary General’s Personal Envoy, Christopher Ross, seeking a just, lasting and mutually agreed political solution.
The Deputy Assistant Secretary of State also called on the parties to the conflict (Morocco, Algeria and the Polisario) to work toward a resolution of the conflict.
During the hearing, several prominent members of the subcommittee, including Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Florida,) reaffirmed their support to the Moroccan autonomy plan for the Sahara as well as to the democratization process underway in Morocco that they described as a model country and a strategic ally of the United States.


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