King Mohammed VI in Saudi Arabia for First Morocco-GCC summit

maroc-gccThe current visit King Mohammed VI is paying to Saudi Arabia to take part in the first summit between Morocco and the Gulf Cooperation Council is worrying Algeria, which fears a strengthening of Morocco’s position in the Sahara issue in view of the institutionalization of a Morocco-GCC strategic partnership.

It goes without saying that the strategic deepness that this summit will bestow on the traditional relationship between Morocco and the GCC member states will strengthen Gulf countries’ support to Morocco in the Sahara issue.

The six Gulf Arab countries have traditionally stood at the side of Morocco in this conflict, but their support is getting stronger in view of the destabilization and partition threats endangering the countries of the region.

This development in the GCC stand was translated recently on the occasion of the meeting that gathered on April 7 in Manama, the US Secretary of State John Kerry and the Foreign Ministers of the GCC member States.

The GCC foreign ministers reiterated to John Kerry their countries’ support to the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco to end the regional conflict over the Sahara.

The GCC countries know that the Sahara issue is an artificial conflict nurtured by Algeria which backs the Polisario separatist front.

Moreover, partnership between Morocco and the six Gulf States, as illustrated by this first summit, is far from being a conjuncture partnership.

Morocco’s participation in the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen for the restoration of the authority of President Abd Rabbo Hadi and its involvement in the Arab common defense force set up to fight terrorism and partition threats weighing on the Arab world are all indicators of a concerted approach.

After the Riyadh summit, the king of Morocco will undertake a tour in several countries in the region, meant to anchor this strategic partnership in the long run.


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