Atrocities Committed by Polisario Torturers Denounced in Montreal  

fsmThe abuses and atrocities committed against the thousands of Sahrawis, sequestrated by the Polisario torturers in the Tindouf camps in southwestern Algeria, have been vehemently denounced Wednesday in Montreal, on the sidelines of the 12th World Social Forum (WSF.)

A meeting initiated by the Forum of Canadian-Moroccan Skills under the theme “The forgotten of Tindouf: open air humanitarian tragedy” focused on the mental and physical suffering endured by the Sahrawis who have been sequestrated for over 40 years in Algeria and on the abuses they are daily subjected to.

During the meeting, moderated by Yasmine Hasnaoui, Chairwoman of the Moroccan-American Friendship Foundation, participants also denounced the “inhuman and intolerable living conditions” of these populations, forcibly held in the Algerian desert. They called for an end to the suffering of these people and to the blockade imposed on the Tindouf camps that they described as “a large open air prison.”

Addressing the meeting, Yasmine Hasnoui pointed to the responsibility of the Algerian regime in perpetuating the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara. She deplored the despair and frustration of the thousands of Sahrawis, long held in check by the Algeria-backed Polisario. She also denounced the Algerian regime’s refusal to let the UNHCR conduct a census of these populations, despite the UN repeated calls.

Yasmine Hasnaoui, who is well known in UN forums in Geneva and New York, also denounced the large-scale diversion of the international humanitarian aid destined to the civilian populations in the Tindouf camps.

Montreal hosted another conference, under the theme “Forgotten victims,” sponsored by the Sahara Observatory for Peace, Democracy and Human Rights (OSPDH.)

Chairwoman of the Observatory, Aicha Duihi, said the purpose of the meeting is to inform the international community about these forgotten victims of violations committed by the Polisario. Many among these victims were killed while being tortured and many others were reported missing, she said, denouncing the Polisario’s various forms of torture as the worst atrocities one can imagine.

For his part, the president of the Canary-Sahara Forum Miguel Angel Ortiz brought up the case of thousands of innocent people, including Spaniards, who were kidnapped, sequestrated or murdered.

Echoing him, the president of the Italian association “METE Onlus” Giorgia Butera, brought up the very worrying situation of young Sahrawi girls adopted by Spanish families. Many of these girls are forcibly kept in the Tindouf camps and prevented from going back to Spain during family visits, she said. She also raised cases of Sahrawi girls’ early marriage and forced pregnancy.


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