Morocco’s Return to the AU does not Require Anyone’s Permission

retour-uaKing Mohammed VI of Morocco brought up Sunday in Dakar Morocco’s decision to return to the African Union (AU), saying that “when we announced our return, we were not asking for anyone’s permission to exercise our legitimate right.”

In any case, he argued, “Morocco is returning to its natural place and is supported by an overwhelming majority to reclaim its seat within the African institutional family.”

In a speech marking the 41st anniversary of the Green March, he delivered, exceptionally from the capital of Senegal, a country which has always supported Morocco’s major causes, on top of which the cause of its Sahara, the king warned that “Morocco’s return to its continental institutional family will not change our unwavering position regarding the Moroccan Sahara.”

On the contrary, the King said, this return “will enable us to defend our legitimate rights and correct the fallacies peddled by opponents of our territorial unity, particularly within the African Union.”
For the Moroccan Monarch, “Morocco’s return to the African Union is not a tactical decision, nor is it motivated by passing considerations. It is a rational decision, taken after careful thought.”
“Today, Morocco is regarded as an influential regional power and enjoys the esteem and trust not only of the continent’s leaders, but of its peoples too,” he underlined.
King Mohammed VI, who started an official visit to Senegal on Sunday, after a private visit to Gabon, stressed that “Morocco’s African policy will not be limited to West and Central Africa.”

“I will see to it that it acquires a continental dimension and covers the whole of Africa,” he said.

King Mohammed VI has just completed a tour in East Africa that led him to Rwanda and Tanzania. The second part of this tour will take him later on to Ethiopia and a number of Sub-Saharan countries.

The coming royal tour is in connection with Morocco’s return to the continental organization.


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