Algerian Leaders’ Fierce Offensive against Morocco in Run-up to African Summit

Algerian diplomacy has been in a race against time over the past few weeks to erect as much hurdles as it can to hinder Morocco’s return to the African Union (AU) as expected during the organization’s 28th summit to be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, by the end of the current month.

The Algerian government, which has always officially proclaimed its neutrality in the Western Sahara conflict, has launched a frenzied diplomatic counteroffensive against its Moroccan neighbor since the Kingdom announced its decision to reintegrate the Pan-African organization.

The Algerian regime’s new maneuvers seek to create obstacles to Morocco’s return to the AU and consequently to rescue the Polisario separatist front that it shelters and finances. Algeria Actually fears to see the Polisario and its pseudo-Sahrawi republic “RASD” ejected from the AU once Morocco’s membership is formalized.

What is certain is that following the extensive diplomatic campaign conducted by the King of Morocco in person in several African countries, including Anglophone ones, the Kingdom’s reintegration move is supported by more than two thirds of the 54 AU member states.

Unlike Algeria, which misleadingly claims that it has no interest in Western Sahara, Morocco has a clear approach: defend its sacred causes, namely its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

In any case, whatever the plots and conspiracies hatched by the Algerian regime and the few other regimes that support it, Moroccans are firmly determined to defend their country’s territorial integrity by all means, whether political, diplomatic or even military, if necessary.

Moreover, in Algeria itself, the Polisario’s territorial claims are backed only by the Algerian regime and its military oligarchy, while the overwhelming majority of Algerians have other internal issues to worry about than the Algerian-Moroccan dispute over Western Sahara.

It is in this context that the noose is tightening around the Polisario separatists and the handful of their Algerian protectors.


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