Morocco: Return to AU Does not Mean SADR Recognition

Morocco “does not recognize and shall never recognize” the puppet state self-proclaimed by the Polisario with the support of Algeria under the name of Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), which is seeking the independence of the Sahara territory in southern Morocco.

The remarks were made by Nasser Bourita, the Moroccan Junior Foreign Minister, as the kingdom has just made a triumphant return to the African Union (AU.) The Kingdom’s return was supported by a large majority of the AU member states at the 28th African summit, held at the end of January in Addis Ababa.

Deeply disappointed by Morocco’s return to the AU through the main gate, Algeria and the Polisario now try to sell their thesis that by reintegrating the African Union, Morocco tacitly recognizes the existence of the SADR. That is not true, argues the Moroccan official, who refers to international law.

“Most of the Arab countries” as well as Iran, which sit in the UN in the presence of Israel “do not recognize” the Hebrew state. “Does Algeria recognize Israel simply because they both sit at the UN?” wonders Nasser Bourita in an interview with Le Desk.

The same situation applies to the African Union, where a large majority of 34 member states do not recognize the Polisario’s Sahrawi republic. Yet, they sit alongside this entity, which, it should be reminded, is not recognized by the UN.

In this interview, the Moroccan official goes even further to announce that not only Morocco shall never recognize the puppet republic, “but it will redouble efforts so that the minority of countries, especially African ones, which still recognize it, reconsider their stand and take into consideration international legality and geopolitical realities.


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