The Sahrawis have ignored Polisario’s call to take up arms

The inhabitants of the southern provinces of Morocco have rejected the calls made by the Polisario and its Algerian mentors urging for taking up arms in a desperate attempt to stir up tension in Western Sahara after the setbacks they suffered at the United Nations, in Europe and currently in Africa, reports Tamurt, the website of Algerian Kabylie.

What the Algerian media refuse to report is the refusal of the inhabitants of southern Morocco to take up arms, as the Polisario wishes, comments the site, adding that this Algeria-backed paramilitary organization used all its means to incite the Sahrawi people to take up arms, but in vain. Even the Polisario sympathizers, known as “les Separatistes de l’intérieur” turned away from the front, Tamurt says.

One of the Sahrawis of the Tindouf camps told the Kabyle website “We cannot live in this situation for ever. We are not refugees. We are the hostages of the Algiers regime. A refugee has the right to work and live like the other citizens of the country that protects him, a refugee is not locked up in camps. If we take up arms, it will be against the Polisario.”

The same refugee told the Kabyle site that “we want to be released and allowed to go home. We are Moroccans and we want to remain so. For 45 years we are hostages of this Polisario, which is a military apparatus of Algeria.”

The Polisario’s calls to an armed uprising in Western Sahara have been completely ignored by the inhabitants of the region, where the situation has clearly calmed down since the last visit of the special envoy of Ban Ki-moon, the former Secretary-General of the UN in the Sahara, Christopher Ross.

Christopher Ross, considered by Rabat as persona non grata for his partiality in this Algerian-Moroccan territorial conflict, has not set foot in the southern zone of the Kingdom, since 2012. The Polisario-affiliated dissidents in the Southern Provinces were used to take advantage of the presence of the UN mediator to create turmoil.

Many Western observers and diplomats who take as evidence the high turnout recorded in the Sahara provinces in elections, as was the case during the latest legislative polls, affirm that the majority of the inhabitants of the southern provinces of the Kingdom are in favor of the autonomy that Morocco proposes to settle this artificial conflict once and for all.


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