Zambia confirms withdrawal of “SADR” recognition

Zambia’s Foreign Minister, Harry Kalaba, confirmed Saturday his country’s decision to withdraw its recognition of the pseudo “SADR” and to break all links with the entity self-proclaimed by the Polisario.

Following the recent visit of King Mohammed VI to Lusaka, the head of Zambian diplomacy confirmed in a statement to the Moroccan news agency “MAP” his country’s position on Western Sahara as he had already expressed last summer in Rabat.

Kalaba said: “I renew the statement I made in Rabat on July 9, 2016.” The Foreign Minister had then announced that Zambia was withdrawing its recognition from the “SADR” and was breaking all links with this entity and the Polisario Front.

He also stressed that his country continued to support “the efforts of the United Nations to reach a final settlement to the regional dispute over Western Sahara.”

Zambia “is actually anxious to contribute constructively to these efforts, through a neutral position open onto the stakeholders maintaining an active dialogue.”

Morocco has been carrying out a vast diplomatic offensive in the continent over the past few years, focusing on Anglophone Africa, where the Polisario had the largest number of supporters.

This campaign, led by Mohammed VI in person, proved successful as it enabled Morocco to get closer to English-speaking Africa, which moves under the leadership of South Africa, an unconditional ally of Algeria and its creation, the Polisario.

The rapprochement was crowned by the re-admission of the Kingdom into the African Union by the overwhelming support of 39 of the 54 member countries of the continental organization.

In view of Morocco’s diplomatic breakthrough, observers predict that in a very near future, the countries that will still recognize the so-called “SADR” will not exceed a handful, and that its presence within the AU will automatically be called into question, if the puppet entity is not simply expelled.

According to these observers, the fear to be expelled from the pan-African organization explains the Polisario’s nervousness and its attempts to escalate tension in the disputed area of ??the Moroccan Sahara.


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