Malawi withdraws its recognition of SADR, deepening Polisario’s troubles

Malawi announced on Friday that it withdrew its recognition of the SADR, a pseudo Sahrawi republic, self-proclaimed by the Algeria-backed Polisario that disputes Morocco’s sovereignty over the Western Sahara territory in Southern Morocco.

This new withdrawal aggravates the Polisario’s deep diplomatic crisis, whose republic is not recognized by the UN and is supported only by a handful of countries, led by Algeria.

Meanwhile, Morocco continues to score points, especially since it launched a large-scale diplomatic offensive, spearheaded by King Mohammed VI, towards Africa. This offensive was crowned last January by Morocco’s return to the African Union.

The announcement of Malawi’s withdrawal of its recognition of the SADR was made after a meeting in Rabat on Friday between Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita and his Malawian counterpart Francis Kasaila.

With this decision, Malawi voices its support to the UN efforts seeking to achieve a lasting political solution. Morocco has proposed an autonomy initiative for the Sahara, but this proposal stumbles on the refusal of Algeria, which supports the separatist rebels.

This new withdrawal of the SADR’s recognition is a victory for Morocco, while it represents a bitter failure for the Algerian diplomacy and for the Polisario.

Over the past few months, the separatists and their mentor suffered several diplomatic setbacks.

Many African states, such as Zambia, Tanzania and other Southern African countries that traditionally supported the Polisario have backtracked and joined Morocco’s efforts to reach a lasting political solution.


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