Algeria responsible of perpetuating Sahara conflict, SG of Arab National Conference

Hafid Ziad, the Secretary General of the Arab National Conference, accused the Algerian regime of perpetuating the Western Sahara conflict, and called for the need to foster Arab integration in general and the integration of the Arab Maghreb Union, in particular.

This came in his opening address before the 28th Arab National Conference, held last Friday in Beirut, Lebanon.

For Hafid Ziad, the settlement of the Moroccan Sahara conflict should not lead to further disintegration of the Arab world and the increase in the number of countries, as the Algerian regime plans, through its backing to the separatist theses of the Polisario Front.

“Our mission is not to increase the number of Arab countries but, on the contrary, to endeavor for unity,” said Hafid Ziad who laid emphasis on the Moroccan Sahara issue.

The SG of the Arab National Conference affirmed that Morocco’s proposal to grant Western Sahara a broad autonomy under its sovereignty is a “formula which preserves the rights of all parties and revives the Arab Maghreb Union”.

In this vein, Hafid Ziad called on Algeria to give proof of “openness towards Arab integration in general and the integration of the Arab Maghreb Union in particular”, explaining that the right to Self-determination supported by Algeria can “apply to a foreign occupant, but in this case, Morocco is an Arab country and not a foreign country”.

The participants in this Conference, which brings together representatives of several Arab organizations, intellectuals, thinkers and media discussed a number of issues, including Arab unity, democracy, economic development, social justice and the dangers of sectarianism, its consequences and the means to deal with it.


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