Sahara: Algeria’s maneuvers against Morocco at the UN fail again

Algeria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Sabri Boukadoum, came under the spotlight Monday in New York, at a meeting of the Special Committee of the United Nations “C24” when his maneuver against Morocco blew up in his face. Actually, he shamelessly denied the existence of the political process initiated by the UN and the Security Council since 2007, with the aim of reaching a negotiated political settlement of the territorial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara.

Yet, as recently as April 28, Algeria welcomed, through its Foreign Ministry, the adoption of resolution 2351 by the Security Council. The resolution backed the UN process, reaffirming the parameters of the political solution. It called on the States in the region, particularly Algeria, which is a stakeholder in this regional dispute, to get more involved in this process by making significant contributions.

In his attempt to mislead the C24 members, the Algerian diplomat floated the idea to ??send a Committee mission to the Moroccan Sahara. This suggestion surprised the members of the C24 especially those of the Caribbean and Africa.

The C24 members, having guessed the trap set by the Algerian diplomat, opposed sending such a mission to the Moroccan Sahara, as proposed by the Chairman of the Committee, the ambassador of Venezuela to the UN, Rafael Ramirez, well known to be subservient to Algeria.

The Algerian rulers, who claim their country’s neutrality in the Sahara conflict, do not miss any opportunity to deal blows to their Moroccan neighbor.

But it is without counting with the vigilance of Moroccan diplomats who defend a legitimate national cause far from the superfluous outbidding Algerian leaders and their Polisario puppets resort to.


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