Sahara: Mohammed VI addresses a distressing speech for the Polisario

Informed sources in Tindouf note that the speech King Mohammed VI delivered on Sunday has really disturbed the Polisario leaders, to whom the Monarch recalled Morocco’s firmness in the Guergarate crisis and its diplomatic offensive, which gained the autonomy proposal more sustained international support.

The proactive, composed and firm manner in which the Guerguerat crisis was settled thwarted the efforts to change the facts on the ground in our Sahara, King Mohammed VI said. This catastrophic episode for the Polisario also helped put to rest the myth of the ‘liberated territories’ peddled by Morocco’s enemies.

This firm, unambiguous policy has helped put the UN-led settlement process back on the right track, thereby halting the plots designed to divert it into the unknown, he went on to say.

The King of Morocco recalled that this orientation was reaffirmed last April in the report of the UN Secretary-General and in the resolution of the Security Council adopted the same month.

Both texts insisted on commitment to the frame of reference for a settlement, and the appreciation of the autonomy proposal as a negotiating framework.

 The report and the resolution also laid emphasis on the determination of the legal and political responsibilities of the real party concerned in this regional dispute, namely Algeria, which hosts the Polisario separatist movement on its territory and provides it with military, financial and diplomatic support.

Mohammed VI who insisted on his country’s policy in Africa, which he described as “judicious choice”, said this policy has had a direct and positive impact on the Sahara issue, as evidenced by the positions of African countries and the resolutions adopted by the African Union.


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