Viewpoint of a Polisario dissident on Morocco-EU fisheries agreement

Polisario dissident and founder of “Khat Achahid” movement (the Martyr’s Line), Mahjoub Salek, dealt a serious blow to the separatist Front when it debunked its claim to be “the only legitimate representative of the Sahrawis”.

After a meeting held, Thursday in Rabat, with three diplomats from the European Union (EU) delegation in Morocco, that focused on the Morocco-EU fisheries agreement, Mahjoub Salek told the website “”  that “the discussion was long, frank and fruitful”. Talks focused on the party entitled to benefit from the economic profits of the fisheries treaty, he said. 

The Khat Achahid movement founder openly defended at the meeting with his European interlocutors “the right of the genuine Sahrawis, who are duly recognized by the United Nations,” to take advantage of the financial allowances paid by Brussels to Morocco in exchange for European vessels fishing in the Kingdom’s maritime waters, including the waters bordering on Western Sahara.

Contrary to its allegations, the Polisario “does not represent the Sahrawis,” he argued, recalling that even the European Court of Justice has not recognized, in its two judgments in 2016 and 2018, any legitimacy to the Polisario Front to represent the Sahrawis.

Besides, this “representativeness” has always been contested by Morocco, where the majority of Sahrawis live and where they have their own democratically elected representatives at the local, regional and national levels.

Furthermore, the UN does not recognize the pseudo-SADR as a sovereign state. This so-called republic exists only on paper since it was created out of nothing by the Algerian regime in collusion with the regime of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Finally, Mahjoub Salek asked the three members of the EU delegation that his Khat Achahid movement be given the opportunity to present its views and proposals on the matter to the European Parliament and the European Commission.


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