Morocco: Great patriotic rally in Laayoune against Polisario’s provocations

Moroccan political parties of all trends, MPs, local elected officials and civil society activists held Monday a great patriotic rally in Laayoune, the main city of Western Sahara, to “show the world that the Kingdom is united” and “is ready for all options to defend its territorial integrity” following the provocations and incursions of the Polisario Front in the buffer zones.

The leaders of almost all Moroccan political parties, including the leader of the PJD and head of the government, Saad Eddine El othmani, flocked to Laayoune Monday to send a clear message to the international community and to Morocco’s opponents regarding the Moroccan people’s mobilization to defend the homeland. “We are all mobilized to defend Moroccan sovereignty and territorial integrity as a united front under the aegis of the king, “said El Othmani at the opening of this meeting described as “historical”.

Morocco has been accusing for several weeks the Algeria-backed Polisario Front of conducting incursions in the extreme south and east of the defense wall in the Sahara, in violation of the ceasefire agreement of 1991.

The barely veiled objective of the Polisario is to transfer to the buffer zones in the Sahara, which are under the control of MINURSO, some of its administrative and military structures and part of the population of the Tindouf camps.

Although the Polisario has denied any incursion and although the UN mission in Western Sahara (MINURSO) declared to have “observed no movement” of this nature, Moroccan officials affirm they hold material evidence (videos and satellite photos) showing the Polisario’s incursions in the buffer zones.

For nearly three hours, the leaders of the various political parties, local elected officials, the presidents of the Sahara regions, the notables and Sahrawi tribes’ leaders followed one another on the podium to pledge allegiance to the King of Morocco Mohammed VI. They also denounced the threats and provocations of the Polisario Front while calling on the United Nations to uphold the rules of the ceasefire signed in 1991.

A “Declaration of Laayoune” was then read out and signed by the participants. The four-page text mentions in its fifteen points, inter alia, the landmark dates and outstanding figures having marked the history of Morocco.


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