Sahara: Algiers, Polisario to be dealt another blow at the UN

The Security Council has been working this week on the draft of the annual report on the Moroccan Sahara issue and the mandate of the UN mission “MINURSO”.

The United States’ representation at the UN in New York, which is currently drafting a new version of this report, will reportedly request, according to available information, a decrease of the MINURSO budget for the year 2019, as well as a reduction of the number of military personnel of the Mission.

According to corroborative sources, the representation of France, along with other members of the Security Council, is endeavoring to include in this draft report, an explicit injunction to the Polisario to withdraw illico-presto and unconditionally its elements from the entire buffer zone, established in the Moroccan Sahara.

 Through this approach, France, Morocco’s great ally, seeks to put an end to the Polisario’s vain attempts to change the status quo in the Sahara and the reality on the ground by transferring to the demilitarized buffer zone, its administrative and military structures and part of the population of the Tindouf camps. The separatists’ ultimate goal is to self-proclaim the locality of Bir Lahlou “capital” of the so-called Sahrawi Republic “SADR”.

But the Machiavellian plan of the Polisario, fomented at the instigation of the Algerian regime and its generals, is from the outset, doomed to failure given the degree of vigilance shown by Morocco and its allies who support its legitimate national cause.

 This is all the more so, as the UN and the Security Council are aware that the Polisario’s maneuvers are a blatant violation of the cease-fire agreement in force since 1991.

Moreover, it is not excluded that in this new annual report on the Sahara, the Security Council will call again Algeria, as it did in the 2017 report, to engage fully in the political settlement process of the Sahara conflict under the auspices of the United Nations, a way to tell Algiers that it is a stakeholder in this conflict.


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