Budapest denies accreditation of a Polisario diplomatic representation in Hungary

Hungary formally denied last week having accredited an alleged diplomatic representative of the Polisario in Budapest, inflicting a stinging setback to the separatists’ leadership, become specialist in slanderous propaganda.


The Hungarian government’s denial came after Tindouf-based media claimed that Ahmed Slimane was named as the diplomatic representative of the Polisario Front in Budapest.


In response to this gross lie, the Hungarian Foreign Minister reacted quickly and sent a letter to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Budapest in which he refuted the existence of any representation of the Polisario in Hungary, a Moroccan governmental source said.

Hungarian authorities made it clear that “the man named Ahmed Slimane has no diplomatic status and is not part of any diplomatic mission or other accredited representation”. He presents himself as a Mauritanian chairing the “Africa-Europe Foundation”.

Relatedly, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Peter Szijjarto, who was on an official visit to Rabat on Tuesday, said that the artificial conflict around the Moroccan Sahara is an obstacle to development and growth in the Maghreb region.


He expressed hope that this conflict, which has a negative impact on regional cooperation, will be resolved quickly.


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