King Mohammed VI reaffirms Morocco’s determination to defend its territorial integrity

King Mohammed VI reiterated on Tuesday Morocco’s determination to defend its territorial integrity with the same clarity, responsibility, and commitment on both the domestic level and the UN level.

“Today, we are linking the past with the present, and we continue to safeguard the territorial integrity of our country with the same clarity, ambition, responsibility and committed action, both domestically and at the United Nations,” said the Sovereign in a speech delivered Tuesday evening on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the Green March.

This clarity can be seen in the unchanging principles and frame of reference underpinning Morocco’s position… and is also shown by “the firm, resolute manner in which we have been tackling all transgressions – whatever their origin – aimed at undermining Morocco’s legitimate rights or departing from the frame of reference agreed for the settlement process.

As for the ambition that propels us in this matter, he said, “it is reflected by Morocco’s cooperation in good faith with the UN Secretary-General and by the support our country lends to his Personal Envoy to establish a serious and credible political process” for the settlement of the Sahara issue.

The King also recalled Morocco’s constructive initiatives and positive response to various international calls for practical proposals that can help achieve a realistic and lasting political settlement based on compromise and on the Autonomy Initiative.

“At the domestic level, I am pressing ahead with efforts to put an end to the policy of rent-seeking and privilege. I also refuse all forms of blackmail or exploitation in connection with the question of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity,” he added.

In the same vein, no stone is being left unturned in the pursuit of progress in our Southern Provinces under the new development model, he said. The aim, he added, is “to make sure the Moroccan Sahara can once again play its historical role as an effective link between Morocco and its sub-Saharan African roots, be it from the geographical or historical perspective.”

In parallel, the King went on to say, “the actual implementation of advanced regionalization is contributing to the emergence of a genuine political elite that can effectively and democratically represent the inhabitants of the Sahara and enable them to exercise their right to run their local affairs themselves, and to achieve integrated development in a free and stable environment.”


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