Sahara: Algeria prompts the Polisario to poison climate before Geneva

Clouds started darkening the Geneva sky before the round table on the Sahara scheduled for December 5 and 6 in the Swiss city. Algeria is actually multiplying, through its proxy, the Polisario, diplomatic and military maneuvers.

While the meeting summoned by the UN Secretary-General’s personal envoy for the Sahara, Horst Köhler, is nearing, Algerian generals are pushing the Polisario militias to make impetuous and untimely statements, threatening to “resort again to armed struggle”.

It is as if Algeria, which will sit in Geneva at the same table as Morocco, Mauritania and the Polisario, tries to avoid what it considers a trap laid by the German diplomat.

Morocco, for its part, is going to Geneva full of confidence as its autonomy proposal for the Sahara has garnered wide international support.

Regarding its maneuvers at the diplomatic level, Algeria has called for the reactivation of the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU). This call is more of a diversion than a sincere desire to resuscitate a union that Algiers itself has driven to a deadlock.

The Algerian AMU trick is clearly intended to divert attention from the call of King Mohammed VI for a frank and sincere dialogue between Morocco and Algeria. Algiers believes that by calling for the AMU ministerial council meeting, it sends back the ball in the Moroccan camp. Actually, Algeria falls into its own contradictions, its initiative being pure simulation.

It is important to remember that the Arab Maghreb Union is made up of five countries (Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia). How can one believe then that Algeria is sincere in its call for the revival of the five-member AMU, while it seeks to create a 6th State in the region, by providing weapons and political and diplomatic support to the polisario?


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