Washington Calls on Algiers to Order Polisario to Stop Threatening International Community

U.S. national security adviser, John Bolton, has expressed his deep anger against the Algerian authorities, urging them to immediately order the Polisario to stop its threatening statements seeking to intimidate the international community and impose its separatist views.
According to a story published lately by Moroccan daily “Assabah”, the Trump administration, through its national security advisor, called directly on Algeria to put an end to the threats of the Polisario to take up arms again.
The Algerian authorities obeyed Washington’s order and gave their instructions to the Polisario leaders to stop making such threats, said the daily, noting that the Algerian civil and military authorities used to encourage the leaders of the separatist movement to openly express threats for propaganda purposes within the Tindouf camps and to exert pressure on the international community.
“Assabah” newspaper cites in this regard the last-minute cancellations by the Polisario of all military activities and parades which were planned on the sidelines of the so-called “Enlarged annual meeting of military cadres” or aimed to prevent participants in the 11th Monaco-Dakar Rally from crossing the Moroccan border post in Guergarate.
To avoid new UN condemnations as in January 2018, the Polisario rushed to issue an official statement denying the threats relayed by its media against participants in the “Africa Eco Race 2019”.
In Rabat, the Moroccan Govt spokesman Mustapha El Khalfi said on Thursday, that the “desperate” provocations made by the Polisario separatists in the buffer zone, situated in the east of the defense wall, will lead them to a direct confrontation with the United Nations and not only with Morocco.
During his press briefing after the weekly meeting of the council of government, Mr. El Khalfi affirmed that Morocco “will remain firm regarding these provocations”, as it has always been the case since the entry into force of the ceasefire agreement in the 1990s.


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