Diplomatic Breakthrough in Sahara, One of Major Achievements in 20 Year-Reign of King Mohammed VI 

Morocco is celebrating this week twenty years of reign of King Mohammed VI, a reign marked by an outstanding success made by Moroccan diplomacy in the Sahara conflict. Morocco’s autonomy plan for the Sahara continues to gain strong international support, while the Polisario, its Algerian, South African and other sponsors continue to suffer setbacks.

Undoubtedly, the call launched by the King to Algeria to open a constructive dialogue, without preconditions and in good faith with Morocco, stands out as one of the major royal landmark initiatives in recent years.

The move of the Sovereign, who strongly believes in the regional integration of Maghreb countries, the spirit of brotherhood and good neighborliness between the Moroccan and Algerian peoples, has been commended by many Arab and Western countries, as well as by the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

The royal initiative showed its importance as it took place in the context of the adoption by the UN Security Council of resolution 2440, which describes, for the first time, Algeria as a party involved in the process of political settlement of the Sahara issue, launched by the UN in 2007. It is under this status defined by the UN that Algeria has participated in the latest quadripartite Sahara meetings held in Geneva alongside Morocco, Mauritania and Polisario.

The Security Council’s position is a valuable victory for Morocco, which has always said that the key to the Sahara issue in the hands of Algeria as this country hosts the Sahrawi separatist movement “Polisario”, funds it and supports it diplomatically and militarily.

The Polisario Front is only a puppet which the Algerian regime and Generals manipulate to serve their personal agenda, hegemonic schemes and ambitions for regional leadership.



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