Sweden: the government has no intention to recognize SADR

The Swedish government has reacted Thursday and strongly rejected any idea of recognizing the independence of the imaginary Republic of Western Sahara as requested by a motion passed by the Parliament on Wednesday.
The text of the parliament is not binding on the Swedish government, which remains the sole authority liable to decide the country’s foreign policy, says the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Sweden.
Anders Jorle has, moreover, pointed out that in this case, the criteria for recognition are not met, namely independence, integration and autonomy. The territory must be controlled by the government, and the population must be under its control as well. These requirements are not fulfilled by the SADR, the spokesperson underscored.
Anyways, Sweden continues to support the UN sponsored process seeking to reach a political settlement of this regional conflict, insisted Anders Jorle. If the Parliament is entitled to pass such a motion, “the recognition decision is in the hands of the government, and the government does not intend to recognize the SADR,” the spokesman said.

However, the motion could not have passed if it had not been massively supported by the extreme rightist party, the Sweden Democrats, which is the third political force in Sweden. The four parties forming the coalition government have voted against the text.
What is ironical in this story is the stand of the leader of the Greens’ group in the parliament, Mehmet Kaplan.
Mehmet Kaplan, whose Green Party was among the opposition groups behind this motion, is actually in the forefront among those inviting the Swedish government to continue to support the efforts of the UN.
For him, a just, lasting political settlement to this regional conflict needs to be sought in the UN framework. In his remarks, MP Kaplan said he believes that the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco fulfils all the requirements to be a basis for a negotiated settlement.



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