About Us

Autonomy-plan.com is an information portal on the Sahara and Morocco, created in March 2007, on the initiative of two Moroccan journalists, Abdelhak El Fadli and Hamid Belhouari, and edited by their company Sakia-Hamra LLC.

The idea that motivates the authors of the website is to continuously provide information, but also to provide internet users with all the information available on the progress achieved regarding the autonomy initiative, as well as the rapid growth in the Saharan provinces.
All contents disseminated in Autonomy-plan.com are copyrighted and exclusive, and may not be reproduced without the explicit consent from the authors.

However, the portal accepts contributions from internet users wishing to express themselves about the Sahara issue or development in the Southern provinces. Our website lives through contributors’ passion, but also thanks to advertising incomes, if you want to support our news portal by purchasing a banner, thank you for writing to Abdelhak El Fadli.



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