Mohammed VI: Morocco’s reintegrating AU does not mean relinquishing its rights on Western Sahara

King Mohammed VI said on Saturday that Morocco’s will to return to the African Union (AU) does not mean it is relinquishing its rights on Western Sahara. In a televised speech he ... Continue Reading →

Security Council Welcomes Morocco-UN Deal on MINURSO

The Security Council members welcomed the agreement reached by Morocco and the General Secretariat of the UN about the future of MINURSO and its mandate in the Moroccan Sahara, said ... Continue Reading →

Secret Discussions in Morocco on MINURSO’s Future

Secret discussions on the future of MINURSO, the United Nations mission in Western Sahara, are currently being held in Morocco. Moroccan authorities and UN diplomats have officially ... Continue Reading →

Sahara: Security Council Enshrines Morocco-Proposed Autonomy Plan

The UN Security Council on Friday adopted a resolution on the Sahara issue that constitutes a “scathing setback” to the maneuvers of the UN General Secretariat, which had ... Continue Reading →