New NGO to Support Moroccan Autonomy Plan for Sahara

The Morocco-proposed autonomy plan for Western Sahara continues to garner support both in Morocco and abroad. A new NGO has been set up recently in Rabat for this purpose. It is dubbed ... Continue Reading →

Historical Truths about the Sahara that can not be ignored

Neither the Algerian regime nor international organizations, including the UN, can ignore the many-centuries old history that has always linked the Kingdom of Morocco to its Sahara. ... Continue Reading →

Morocco Rejects any Haggling over its Territorial Integrity

Morocco rejects any haggling over its territorial integrity. King Mohammed VI did not mince his words and even if he did not name them openly he held Algeria and the Polisario responsible ... Continue Reading →

France Renews Support for Sahara Autonomy

France’s socialist government, like many previous governments, voiced support to the Morocco-proposed autonomy plan as a “serious” solution to the longstanding Western ... Continue Reading →