Viewpoint of a Polisario dissident on Morocco-EU fisheries agreement

Polisario dissident and founder of “Khat Achahid” movement (the Martyr’s Line), Mahjoub Salek, dealt a serious blow to the separatist Front when it debunked its claim ... Continue Reading →

Western Sahara: Polisario Opponents Advocate Autonomy

The Sahrawi dissident movement “Khat Achahid,” led by Mahjoub Salek, a founder member of the Polisario currently settled in Spain, has recently called the King of Morocco ... Continue Reading →

The Polisario and the impact of Security Council Resolution

The Polisario is still suffering from the shock wave of the latest resolution of the UN Security Council on Western Sahara, as the Sahrawi dissidents have heightened their angry protest ... Continue Reading →

Autonomy: Algeria bothered by GCC’s support to Moroccan plan

The support reiterated recently by the member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to the Morocco-proposed autonomy plan for the settlement of the Western Sahara conflict ... Continue Reading →