Western Sahara: King Mohammed VI launches new regional development model

King Mohammed VI arrived Thursday night in Laayoune, the main town in the Western Sahara region, on a second visit in three months. This visit is mainly devoted to the launch of the ... Continue Reading →

Lazarevic’s liberation, an additional embarrassment for the Polisario

Truths that were already known by pundits have been confirmed by the facts. The Polisario Front does have links with terrorist groups in the Sahel-Sahara region. The latest evidence ... Continue Reading →

Sahara/Sahel: Algeria is playing with fire

Algeria is “knowingly playing with fire” when it fuels tension in Western Sahara and the Sahel strip, with the support of powerful lobbies at the UN and the support of Western ... Continue Reading →

Western Sahara : Algeria Taken Aback by Morocco’s Firmness

Algeria was taken aback by Morocco’s firm stand on the mandate of the MINURSO in Western Sahara, as illustrated by Algiers’ hastiness to drum up local media to bring back the referendum ... Continue Reading →