Sahara: Associations Campaigning in Spain in Favor of Autonomy Plan

An international campaign of support to the Moroccan autonomy proposal for the Sahara was launched on Saturday in the Spanish city of Seville, at the initiative of a collective of Spain-based ... Continue Reading →

The Polisario Caught off Guard by New Political Party

The Polisario leadership was expecting everything and anything except the creation of a political party by a group of young Sahrawi opponents. It is a première in the annals of the ... Continue Reading →

Western Sahara: Polisario Opponents Advocate Autonomy

The Sahrawi dissident movement “Khat Achahid,” led by Mahjoub Salek, a founder member of the Polisario currently settled in Spain, has recently called the King of Morocco ... Continue Reading →

Spain: Polisario officials sued for diversions scandal

The scandal of international humanitarian aid embezzlement by Polisario leaders continues to make waves, especially in Spain where complaints are being lodged against officials of the ... Continue Reading →