Western Sahara: Polisario Opponents Advocate Autonomy

The Sahrawi dissident movement “Khat Achahid,” led by Mahjoub Salek, a founder member of the Polisario currently settled in Spain, has recently called the King of Morocco ... Continue Reading →

Spain: Polisario officials sued for diversions scandal

The scandal of international humanitarian aid embezzlement by Polisario leaders continues to make waves, especially in Spain where complaints are being lodged against officials of the ... Continue Reading →

Western Sahara: why Paris supports the autonomy plan

The Morocco-proposed autonomy plan for Western Sahara has once again been hailed this week as a serious basis for reaching a political settlement of the conflict that the Algeria-backed ... Continue Reading →

Western Sahara: Polisario unsettled by Margallo

Spanish Foreign Minister, José Manuel Garcia-Margallo, has disappointed the Polisario, and consequently Algeria, when he said that Spain would defend at the UN Security Council a negotiated ... Continue Reading →