Western Sahara: Autonomy and self-determination, two sides of the same coin

The Moroccan autonomy proposal for the Southern provinces actually illustrates the principle of self-determination and at the end of the day autonomy and self-determination are the ... Continue Reading →

Western Sahara: Washington’s Unambiguous Standpoint

The support to the autonomy plan for Western Sahara restated by the U.S. administration on the occasion of the meeting between President Obama and King Mohammed VI is clear-cut and ... Continue Reading →

USA : Congressmen, Diplomats Support Autonomy in Western Sahara

The visit of Morocco’s King Mohammed VI to Washington, where he is scheduled to meet President Barack Obama at the White House on Friday, has stirred the enthusiasm of several U.S. ... Continue Reading →

Sahara: between Rabat and Algiers, Washington already Made a Choice

Washington made its choice regarding its geo-strategic alliances in the Maghreb long time ago when it declared Morocco a strategic ally. In the Western Sahara conflict opposing Morocco ... Continue Reading →